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This website is in memorial of our precious angel Talon Ryan James. He was born in Fort Worth Texas on September 12, 1998. Talon weighed six pounds and seven ounces, he was ninteen inches long. I fell in love with him the second I laid eyes on him. He was my first born, and the first grandchild in our family. Everyone loved Talon-he filled our lives with joy! He was so fascinating to me. Everything he did was so perfect, from the way he talked to the way he walked. He accomplished so much in his short six years and nine months with us, including getting to be the best big brother ever! Talon loved to ride dirt bikes with his best friend Blake, that was the highlight of his life.  He was the most beautiful little boy, perfect in every single way. He was not only my baby, but he was also my friend and my sunshine. He was so easy to get along with and always had a big smile on his face.  He flew from his Daddy's arms on June 13, 2005 and went to be  with Jesus.  We all miss him very much, but I know he is watching over each and every one of us as we walk through our lives on earth, getting closer and closer to the day when we are reunited.

"I want to say thank-you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has been here for me through these first few months. It's because of loving people like you that I am able keep going.  I was very blessed to have him for the short time that I did-he has taught me so much!"   Love-Jeanifer

"I always told people that Talon was not born of my womb, but of my heart. He completed my life and taught me what it  meant to love and be loved. I don't know what it is like to bear a child, but I did get to experience the love of an angel! Talon was too perfect to not be an angel on earth, and I truly believe that God sent him here to accomplish his mission and called him home when he was finished. While on earth he was his Daddy's shadow, and it never ceased to amaze me  the bond that they shared. Never before have I ever seen two people care more for each other than I witnessed between Talon and his Daddy. He loved to do everything Josh did, from riding dirtbikes, to playing the playstation,  they were inseperable!! It gave me such joy to watch them reunite each week, like best-buds that hadn't seen each other in forever!  Now I await the day when we are all reunited in heaven! " With love, Tamara

 I want to thank everyone for your continued prayers and support through this first season without Talon. Our lives are forever changed, and our hearts forever broken, but God's love never changes and his works continue to be shown through so many caring and loving people around us.  Thank you, for being there for us when we have needed a shoulder to cry on and  thank you for your words of encouragement. 
              **Tamara James**

It has been seven months now since Talon has been in the arms of Jesus-what a hard seven months for so many people! We are so thankful to have so many caring people in our lives! What would we have done without you? One thing we know now is that  "God can't make a mountain that we can't climb!" I didn't think we could climb this mountain, but the love and encouragemant from all of you made it possible. Your continuous prayers got us this far! It means so much to us to hear that people still think about him and haven't forgotten the memories of Talon. If Talon has touched your life in anyway please let us know by writing it down on this website! You don't know how much it helps to hear about peoples memories of him. That's all we have left is the memories he left us with-so please share any special Talon memories you may have-we would love to hear them! 
                                   ******WITH ALL MY LOVE-JEANIFER********

It has been 485 days...

He is still a part of each and every breathe we take, and each and every beat of our hearts!

He is still ~and~ always will be...
"Our Little Buddy" 

Thank you for your continued prayers, as we all still struggle tremendously!

We carry him in our hearts with us... 
"Forever and Always!"

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Tributes and Condolences
Another year....   / Tamara James (Step-Mom)
As we add yet another year to the time we get to see you again...my heart still has that empty space inside...the space you filled while you were here, the space that was taken the day you left. It is hard to remember all of the small det...  Continue >>
A letter to grief....   / Mommy (Mommy)
I hardly know how to address you. In the short two years that you've been a part of my life you have somersaulted me through a winding roller coster of emotions. At first, I believed you were a theif. You stole my son and the future I had with him. Y...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Precious Angel!   / Mommy
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Tal-Tal...Happy Birthday to you!Wow...it's hard to believe that nine years ago today, I gave birth to you. That was the happiest day of my life, I remember the feeling that I felt the ...  Continue >>
Our Family is reuniting   / Bill Heffner (great uncle )
Talon was greeted in Heaven by his Great Grandparents (Granny and Papaw) and my brother Bobby.  I know they have been telling him all about our family and about the good times we had when I was growing up back in the 1950's.  About all...  Continue >>
Hey Tal-Tal....   / Tamara James (Step_mom)
Talon, I miss you so much, not a day goes by when I don't stop and think about our lives two years ago. So many things trigger a memory of you, and with each one there is a moment of joy followed by a moment of sorrow. The other day Daddy w...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Our Talon Ryan....  

       This   Angel's  Legacy  Of  Never     


ending love....

While Talon was here he filled our lives with lots of laughter and our hearts full of love  . He blessed each one of us in a special way, and touched our lives beyond measure. 

He was such a cute little boy who was so full of life. He was very witty and  extarordinarly smart, it amazed  everyone who met him!  

   Talon was truly one of a kind!


*Bands* Thousand Foot Crutch, Skillet

*Foods* granola bars, cumquats, fried chicken, steak, fruit snacks, mangoes, lemons, mac and cheese

*Books* Goosebumps, Scooby-Doo Mystery Series,
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, The Truly Tasteless Scratch & Sniff Book

*Colors* Orange (KTM), Green (Kawasaki), Red (Honda)

*Movies* Toy Story, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Napolean Dynamite, ...or anything scary!!

*Cartoons* Courage, SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, Samauri Jack, Teen Titans, Justice League

*Clothes* Anything with a dirt bike on it, Nike's, Batman Boots (as a Toddler)

*Cologne* Curve Crush

*Pets* Spike the Rat, Spike the Lizard, Cooper the Ferret, Boots the Hampster

*Subject in school* Reading.

*Sports* Baseball.
Free splitball baseball clip art provided by Animated Clipart
*Best-friends* Blake Bentley.

*Toys as a toddler*  Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Barney, (Spike)- his bear from Build-A-Bear that roars like a lion.

*Places to go* the park, Chuck E Cheese

*Places to eat* Subway, Smoothie King, Fas Taco..or as he used to call it Slow Taco lol..bean burrito, no cheese!

*Things to do* ride dirt bikes, play the Playstation, color, ride bikes,  camp and tell ghost stories, hunt, play cards, hide and seek in the dark, dance around the living room, tickle wars, swim,loved to help cook

*Nick names* Buddy, Bubba, Tal Tal, Brudder,
Doodle-Bug, Mini-Me

*Sayings* "Freakin' Idiot" (Nap.Dyn)

*First words* Hat, Da Da, BaBa

*Sweet and Silly things he did* 
--his nose would wrinkle and he would slap his leg when he was laughing real hard....usually at something he said!!!
--always picked flowers for Mommy and Tamara everywhere they went
--if he was sitiing on the couch with you, he would have to be touching you, usually rubbing your upper arm real soft!
--when he was little, potty training, he had to wear his underwear backwards so he could see the picture!
--Always told scary stories. He loved the story about the man with The Big Toe,  The HideBehinds, and Bloody Fingers-Dirty Diapers (he would tell Tanor that one over and over again-LOL-if you haven't heard it, ask Tanor-he can tell ya' all about it)!! 

*Things he didn't like*
--getting up early!
--playing ball when it was cold outside!
--socks with seams on the toe!

Talon changed each one of us from the day he entered our lives, and his death has forever changed everyone who knew and loved him. So perhaps the greatest legacy of Talon is in the person each one of us has become for knowing and loving him. His spirit, his legacy; lives on in each one of us.

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Talon and Tanor-December 2004
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